How will the stories be published?

We plan to publish all stories (along with any accompanying translations, photos, audio, and video) on a professionally designed and maintained interactive website. Ideally each story will be indexed and searchable by key terms (e.g. birth type, location, birth events), and include and link to information about the population, you and other researchers connected with the population, and translations of the English text narration into other languages.

Do I need IRB approval?

No, this is not a research project. The Human Subjects Committees at Yale and Purdue have determined that we are collecting oral histories, which do not fall under the federal definition of 'research'. Even with the additional demographic information provided, the individual oral histories are not generalizable and therefore IRB review is not required. However, please consult the  advisory board at your home institution if you think IRB approval may be required for you to participate. In the future, anybody wishing to conduct research on the collected and published narratives should apply for a Category 4 exemption from their home institution to analyze the publicly available data. 

Note that we are asking participants to sign or verbalize release forms to publish the stories and accompanying photos, audio, or video online. Please follow standard protocols at your field sites for ethically obtaining informed consent to collect and publish these narratives.

How is this project being funded?

At the moment, it is not.  As this is not a research project, funding options are limited. Once we have a minimum of 10 stories collected, we plan to crowd-source funds (e.g. GoFundMe, Kickstarter) to cover costs of website construction and maintenance (suggestions are welcome!). We are optimistic that our combined social networks will be sufficient to fund a professional website, but if necessary we can post and maintain the stories through a free platform (i.e. this wordpress page).

Providing all of the requested information will require a substantial time commitment. Will I, my assistants, or the narrator be compensated?

We do not have any funds to cover these costs. We understand if this precludes your participation in this project.

How will my contribution be recognized?

Each story will list a contributing anthropologist and link to his/her researcher bio. You can also name yourself as a contributor to the project on your CV.

What other future work might come out of this? Would anyone profit from this?

Given the collaborative, participatory nature of these stories and our commitment to public engagement, we are not planning any future academic volumes or for-profit publications from this project.  Any future publishing or other media venture that might result from this project would be non-profit. 

When do you need the requested materials by?

Whenever you can get them to us. We hope to set up a website in 2018-2019, but will continue to upload stories indefinitely after the site goes live.

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